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Latsis Symposium 2015

Drug Resistance and the Future of Disease Control

2-3 July 2015 @ ETH Zurich

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Latest Publications

Tanja Stadler, Vaughan TG, Gavryushkin A, Guindon S, Denise Kühnert, Gabriel Leventhal, Drummond AJ
How well can the exponential-growth coalescent approximate constant-rate birth-death population dynamics?

2015, Proc Biol Sci

Spatial Heterogeneity in Drug Concentrations Can Facilitate the Emergence of Resistance to Cancer Therapy.

2015, PLoS Comput Biol

Johnson S, Bergthaler A, Graw F, Flatz L, Bonilla WV, Siegrist CA, Lambert PH, Roland Regoes, Pinschewer DD
Protective Efficacy of Individual CD8+ T Cell Specificities in Chronic Viral Infection.

2015, J Immunol

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